Karaoke Amorella


“In the evening you can enjoy live entertainment and a delicious dinner. On board there’s always something for everyone”

This karaoke was recorded somewhere on the Baltic sea on a night ferry going from Stockholm (Sweden) to Turku (Finland) in May 2008.
The DJ was a fat tattooed balding rocker, the public was getting drunk on duty free alcohol an the tv was on the sports channel. Gangs of aging ladies all dressed up for the night out were roaming back and forth competing only with the students wearing their graduation cap and preparing for the early disco... Meanwhile one could enjoy finish tangos, drunker’s classics and melancolic ballads sung by the best...

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Recorded by Cédric Anglaret
Mixed by Phillipe Chariot
Realased under Creative Commons license BY.NC.SA 2009

graphic design by Soyouz design, programming by Patrick Joubert.