Frank Garcia IS Sheik Anorak
Sheik Anorak was born in 2006
Sheik Anorak is a solo project.
During these solo performances Sheik Anorak uses a guitar, a drumkit, a computer and some effect pedals..
Sheik Anorak sometimes plays with other musicians in free improvised sessions.
Sheik Anorak also plays in regular bands.
It can be improvised or written... or both... or none.


Sheik Anorak is a noise project, but also rock...pop...improvised...experimental...
Sheik Anorak is noise...and noise is sexy
Sheik Anorak is french, but lives in Göteborg, Sweden and runs Gaffer Records.
If you want to book Sheik Anorak, write here : sylvain@afx-booking.eu
If you want to contact Sheik Anorak, just write here : sheikanorak(at)yahoo(dot)fr
Or visit Gaffer Records : www.gafferrecords.com
And Gaffer Fest webpage : www.gafferfest.com