| Bands |


Sheik Anorak also played and still plays with
several bands from 2004 till now...


Neige Morte - noisy death/ black metal
J.G. - drums
S.A. - guitar/ vocals
S.G - bass

- nowave/noise/punk trio
Sara Jansson - guitar/vocals
Arvid Bjurklint - guitar/vocals
Sheik Anorak - drums/vocals

- tribal/ kraut noise rock
Damien Grange - vocals/ electronic
Sheik Anorak - drums/ electronic
webpage coming soon...

Håla Duett - kraut/ afrobeat/ rock duo
Yann Joussein - drums and electronic
Sheik Anorak - guitar / vocals
webpage soon

Indie slow/ pop
Anna Ingvarsson - Lead vocals
Karin Grönroos - Guitar
Karin Pedersen : Keyboards/vocals
Sheik Anorak - drums

arty-avant-noise drums/ vocals duo
Raphaël Defour - vocals
Sheik Anorak - drums and electronic



Inactive bands and aborted projects :

The Sons Of Saturn (emo/hardcore)
Hallux Valgus (no wave/ noise trio)
Kandinsky (free jazz/ noise trio)
Kanine (classic 60/70's raw and energic free jazz)
SoCRaTeS (no wave/ noise rock trio)
Men At Sea (indie rock/ pop)
Grand Royale (indie/ pop rock)
LOUP (free jazz/ experimental duo)
Totale Eclipse (Prog/pop trio)