First collaborations was with Weasel Walter. The 2 musicians recorded 4 tracks as a duo.
Those tracks were released as side B of a split with Les Aus (feat. Lydia Lunch)...released by Gaffer Records.
Sheik Anorak then played with other musicians from the free improvised music and free jazz scenes in Europe and US.
Those musicians are Weasel Walter, Mario Rechtern, Colin Webster, Mark Holub, Juan Jose Rivas, Dragos Tara,
Chora, Clément Edouard, Yoann Durant...

Sheik Anorak plays both drums and guitar.


Sheik Anorak's discography and collaborations as a sideman :

2015 - "Pattern 0" Dance piece w/ Esse Vanderbruggen
2015 - "Bien sûr les choses tournent mal" Dance piece w/ Kubilai Khan Investigations
2012 - "Languages (live at The Vortex) " CD w/ Colin Webster & Mark Holub[guitar]
2012 - "Mantra (l'ami mexicain)" Theatre play w/ Raphaël Defour, directed by David Mocellin [guitar & drums]
2010 - "Bass Bass Bass Bass" LP w/ Weasel Walter and Mario Rechtern | Gaffer Records [guitar]
2009 - "The Forbidden Beat" CD+DVD w/ Weasel Walter and Mario Rechtern | Gaffer Records [guitar]
2008 - "split w/ Les Aus" 10" w/ Weasel Walter | Gaffer Records [guitar]