Sheik Anorak is formerly a solo performance. It consists of a drumkit, a guitar and some effects pedals.
Especially loopers, as Sheik Anorak builds "songs" with several layers, parts and atmospheres...

These solo performances can go from regular indie rock songs to noisy and violent drums and guitar attacks.
Some tunes are written and some are improvised.
It depends on the mood and several other things. And so are Sheik Anoraks's recordings and releases.
"Week ep" is a no wave/noise recording while "Day 01" is somewhere between avant pop and noisy rock, and "[...] du coup",
a guitar experimentations recording.

Sheik Anorak's SOLO discography :

2017 - "North Star" CD | Gaffer Records & Araki Records
2016 - "Let's just bullshit our way through" CD | Gaffer Records
2014 - "Keep you hands low" CD | SK Records & Gaffer Records
2010 - "Day 01" CD | self released.
2009 - "Week ep" | CD on for Noise's sake records (Spain) and tape on Phase! (Greece)
2008 - "[...] du coup" CD | Maquillage et Crustacés
2007 - "Hyper Mega Giga" 3"CDr and tape | Gaffer Records